Sam Mattis

On an eternal quest to throw far, down, and occasionally up
East Brunswick, NJ University of Pennsylvania Reading, PA

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Sam Mattis

Sam’s career on the track was short lived: in eighth grade he tripped over a hurdle in his first race and was quickly told he would now be stuck throwing discus. But as the saying goes, when life makes you trip over a hurdle, maybe it means you can throw the disc kind of far with nine years of practice. And that’s exactly what he did.


In high school Sam broke the New Jersey freshman, sophomore, junior and ultimately the Jersey state record for the discus throw on his way to two national titles and the fifth…

About Sam

  • Coach: Dane Miller
  • Agent: Mark Wetmore
  • Training group: Garage Strength
  • Favorite TV show: Rick and Morty (Always Sunny is a close second)
  • After competition indulgence: Beer
  • Highschool PR: 218'4"

Team Sam:

Sam Mattis 2008 to 2012

NCAA Division 1 Discus Champ 2015 Sam Mattis

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