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Richmond, VA Virginia Tech Los Angeles, CA

Welcome! THANK YOU for all the love and support as I continue on my quest to secure the crown as QUEEN of HURDLES! Just by stopping by you're now officially a member of the #QueenTeam, now let's go have some fun!

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Track Shorts 2017: Lap 8
Olympic hurdler casually leaps over 10 hurdles to beat opponent who faced zero hurdles

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Queen Quedith Harrison

With a name like Queen you cannot be afraid to take charge and throughout her life, Queen Harrison has never been afraid to be FIRST. Whether it's the first skrawny 6th grader to beat the seniors, the first professional athlete in her family or becoming her university's, Virginia Tech, first female Olympian. At 19 years old, she was the youngest athlete on the 2008 USA Olympic track team and hasn't stopped running ever since. Queen’s path to success was unconventional and not without its…

About Queen

  • Coach: Lawrence Johnson

Agent: Paul Doyle

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As Black History month comes to a close, I’m especially thankful today 4 those before me who navigated thru the big… https://t.co/pshyAPjfIC

Great job Hokies! Let’s get them outdoors! 🙌🏽 https://t.co/PC0RW4oYku