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Believe in the impossible. The body achieves what the mind believes.
Kailua, HI Hawaii Pacific University Kailua, HI

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Welcome! I’m so blessed to live my dream as a professional athlete and do what I love the most! Thank you for supporting my journey as I continue pursuing my goals!


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Windy conditions both helpful, hurtful in Honolulu Marathon
Polina Carlson: Hawaii's leading lady when it comes to the Honolulu Marathon
XTERRA: Joe Gray and Dani Moreno win Trail Run Worlds in Hawaii

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2015 Season Recap: Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Yesterday & Much Happier Things
Opening up after Mt. SAC

Polina Carlson

Finding running later than most professional runners, Polina was a competitive tennis player at the University of West Alabama before her coach noticed that she outran everyone in running drills, including the members of the men's team. His encouragement to work out with the cross country team to simply “stay in shape” for tennis led to her giving up tennis in order to focus solely on running. Since that time, Polina has seen success in her running career, taking victories at the 2014 Great Aloha Run, the 2013…

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  • Coach: Nathan Carlson
  • Special skills: Bilingual, Graphic Design, Personal Training and Web Development

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My 2013 XTERRA win

RT @GregMcMillan: Coach Tip: Before each race, acknowledge that it is going to be tough over the second half but commit that you will reall…

Sometimes success is just getting the laundry into the dryer before the mildew sets in. #noshame #FridayFeeling