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Chattanooga, TN University of Tennessee Seattle, WA

Hello fan(s)! (Hi mom!)

Thank you! For supporting my Olympic Dream! And for listening to my crazy thoughts I post haphazardly on the internet! And for asking me for training and/or relationship advice! And for not taking my tweets literally! And for noticing my goals! And for loving running as much as I do!

You crazy cats, you!

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Phoebe Wright

From Chattanooga, TN and Red Bank High School, Phoebe's journey toward running began after a missed soccer tryout her freshman year, and as she states in her bio at Stop Phe, "I had to either ride the bus home or find a way to stall at the school until my mom got off work. None of my two friends rode the bus. Plus I was bad/terrified at navigating public transportation at the time, so that made the bus option a no-go. Cross-country was the only remotely attractive option." Following an All-State high school…

About Phoebe

  • Coach: Danny Mackey
  • Training group: Brooks Beasts
  • Agent: Ray Flynn
  • Philanthropic Involvement: Make-a-Wish, St. Jude Children's Hospital, and Khan academy
  • Hobbies: Hiking, biking, swimming, and climbing

On the track, people say that when I race, they can see the heart I put into it. Not my actual, physical heart--which I'm sure is big. The emotional heart. Basically while everyone looks like they are running slow while they are running fast, I look like I'm running fast and trying really really hard. This is the best compliment any runner can receive.


Hero Image courtesy of Kevin Morris Photographer

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