Pam Smith

Mother, Doctor, Runner, Gardener
Salem, OR Wiliams College

Welcome. Thanks for checking out this site. Please follow me in my ultrarunning pursuits as I continue to push my own limits of endurance.


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Pam Smith

Catching the running bug at a young age, Pam was hooked after taking her age group in a local 5k. From there, she went on to run cross country in college and partake in fun runs and some marathons. After taking a hiatus from running to start a family, Pam started lacing up again in January 2008. Now, the full-time physician and ultra-running mom seems to just be getting better as the distances get longer. Specializing in distances many would find even too long for a car ride, the 2013 Western States 100-Mile Champion is…

About Pam

Pam loves to garden and grows most of her own veggies in the summer

Fuck pardons. If you are a criminal you deserve to go to jail. The president shouldn’t be allowed to let all his sc…

“Local Legend”??!! Oh dear god, just NO! 🙅🏼‍♀️ What do the rest of you Strava users think?