"This One's For You" My Olympic Story

by Brigetta Barrett from Confessions of a Me

Dear reader,

Once upon a time I was afraid of my own shadow. Couldn't stand the man in the mirror so I shattered my own reflection. Left distorted views of myself that would have me struggling to see who I truly was. 


I became consumed by my own insecurities and forgot how to love myself. And so I simply decided that others shouldn't either. But God loved me. And God knew, in the words of the timeless Lauryn Hill, "that even though fantasy is what I wanted, reality is what I needed." So He didn't take the pain away because He knew that I could handle it, and that someone else would need me to show them exactly how. So here I am... being vulnerable and showing you all my scars. And hopefully you can see the beauty in my flaws. You see, these scars are the glory of God and proclaim His victory over the trials in my life. I am here. And so I survived. And so can you...


I would like to thank the Lord, all of my family, friends, loved ones, and fans! This one is for YOU!