Team Run Gum

Katie Mackey

How do you use Run Gum for training and/or racing?

I have always been a huge fan of using caffeine for hard workouts and race days, it gives me the extra edge and “umph” that I need! Previously, my preferred means of getting caffeine in my system was coffee, but there are a few things that made this less than ideal. I was drinking the coffee pretty far out from the race to avoid all the extra liquid sloshing in my stomach, and the coffee irritated my empty stomach making made me feel slightly nauseous. RunGum is the perfect solution! I can chew it immediately before hitting the start line because it is convenient to throw in my spike bag and the caffeine absorbs easily through my mouth- which doesn’t irritate my empty stomach. It’s so convenient that I can stick it in my pocket to use mid-workout or long run when I need an extra boost, something that is impossible with coffee. Bottom line: I LOVE RunGum!



Will Leer

How do you use Run Gum for training and/or racing?

I most frequently use Run Gum as a source of caffeine and electrolytes before big track workouts and as a motivator to get out of the door for my secondary runs in the afternoon.



Kyle Merber

From Kyle on Twitter: Excited to be fueled by Run Gum and join the squad!



Aisha Praught

How do you use Run Gum for training and/or racing?

I use Run Gum during my preparation for key workouts and races. I chew one piece after my warm up jog for the 10 minutes I spend on stretching and drills. By the time I slip into my spikes, I am alert and energetic without the stomach upset or shakiness I experience with coffee.


Jordan McNamara

How do you use Run Gum for training and/or racing?

Often, I don't have time to prepare coffee. Like as a professional athlete can Mean chaotic schedules, with racing opportunities opening at the drop of a dime. In order to capitalize, I've got to be at my best at a moment's notice. Whether before a race or grueling training session, Run Gum allows me to feel primed and ready to take on the world's best. Tentative indoor race schedule: I've never been partial to the great indoors. Instead, I'll focus my energies on building a huge foundation with the goal of making the outdoor world championship team!