Jordan Scott: 2014 Reflections

Jordan Scott

"I have one big 'do over' for the past 2014 season, and that would be to dedicate one or two days to sit down, call my coaches, agent, etc. and get organized before the season even started. Last September, I got married and started a full-time job. I think that maybe if I got more organized with figuring out workout times, times my coach and I could vault together, times I could lift weights, and strategize my vacation days better, that my season would’ve been much more successful.

It was a huge transition into a 9-5 job, but it is definitely possible to get all my workouts in before, during lunch, or after work (because I’ve finally figured it out this fall…), but I never got a game plan and ended up feeling stressed and overwhelmed with trying to fit everything in the entire season. But it’s also hard for me to say I’d rather 'do it over,' because I know how important it is to learn from your own mistakes, and make sure you only make them once. It’s a new season, a new training plan, and time to keep living the dream of being a professional athlete!"

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