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Company: Spark Inspiration

Position: Contract



The opportunity is to be part of a multi-million dollar start-up laboratory that is looking to change the way people view medicine and the way medicine views people. Along the way, after making a ton of impact and value, a lot of revenue will be generated - here is where you come in...


We are hiring you as a 1099 contractor and let's see how things progress, if things go really well, maybe we will discuss future plans of coming on board after you win Olympic Gold, until then 1099 it is.


Payment structure is as follows: $350.00 base commission per athlete per month. Every successful converted Internal Medicine/Pain Management/Cardiology office (You get the doctor on the phone to meet with our sales team, if we work with them it's approved) is worth $500 per month. If you close the account yourself without our sales team, it's $1,000.00 a month, every month as long as that account is active. $100 per new accepted lead. Example: 3 active accounts = $1500.00+ $350.00 base commission = $1850.00 per month as long as the account is active.


If you decide to come on full time, we would put you on a commission for the new business you bring in.


What you're selling?


We have two goals for you:


  1. Get a new account for our laboratory: Internal Medicine/Family Practice, Pain Management, Cardiologist. They convert from their laboratory to ours.
  2. Book wellness events in local companies to promote our laboratory and to bring awareness of things we are doing within the community.
  3. Find Conferences for our team to work with that could potentially bring in new business ($100 per new accepted lead).

If you do really well, and you are hitting a home run with accounts, we will offer 1 athlete the opportunity for fully paid w-2 starting salary of 50k plus commission on all your accounts while continuing your training. This is to be determined by the CEO and is at his discretion.


Alex Wechsler, a leader at Spark Inspiration, is a former New Jersey New York Track Club member

Company: Run Janji

Position: Janji Team Sales Rep



Janji Teams Sales Reps encourage running teams, running clubs, and running groups to purchase Janji and support clean water projects around the world.



The position has enormous flexibility--it’s possible to work remote or in the Janji office, to work 10 hours or 40 hours--and is based on a commission structure. Janji Team Sales Reps have ownership of their territory and of their contacts while working closely with the CEO of the company to drive sales.


Role of Reps

Janji Team Reps find leads through the company’s central database or through the rep’s running contacts, often established in high school, college, or post-collegiately. For instance, Ryan Dohner, Janji’s Eastern Texas Sales Rep who runs professionally for Hoka One One Northern Arizona, works with teams in Texas that he ran against in high schools. He contacts coaches of those teams (most of whom recognize his name), pitches the Janji deal (see below), and incentives teams to order Janji and support clean water issues.


The Deal

Teams receive the following deal through Janji’s team site:


  • 30% off all Janji apparel
  • Free shipping
  • A free $35 singlet to all who order if the team orders over 15 pieces
  • The option for embroidery

This deal supplements rather than replaces traditional team orders for uniform or jackets.


With RunJanji, you get out what you put in. Our sales reps earn on a commission basis, and have earned at least $1500 for a month's work with potential for up to $5000. This position will coincide with Cross Country season, starting now through October 15th, and new opportunities will open again for track season, starting January 1. The minimum expectation of time worked is two hours per day, which is what we expect to be in your best interest to be successful. We are looking to fill at least two positions, but possibly more!


Thanks to Kyle Merber for bringing this opportunity with Run Janji to our attention!

Company: AthleteBiz partnership with Plus3

Position: Contract



  • Six month commitment
  • Part-time: 20 to 30 minutes a day
  • Work-from-anywhere  
  • Health & wellness industry
  • Role Modeling & inspiring employees and their families to lead healthy, active lives 
  • $2,000 payment for successful performance against defined targets, a California-based corporate wellness company, has announced a partnership with AthleteBiz to connect their world-class athletes with Plus3 client corporations, where they’ll act as coaches and mentors to employee communities.


Participating Plus3 clients will be paired with athletes from AthleteBiz, who will provide coaching, mentorship, and support primarily through, as well as through event appearances and speaking engagements.


As the partnership gets underway, the Plus3 platform will deliver AthleteBiz training tips, health coaching, and even one-on-one encouragement from the mentoring athletes. Employee participants will be able to track their progress, participate in fitness challenges and earn Plus3 points (known as ‘kudos’) for a wide range of healthy activities - not only running and walking, but also eating well, drinking water, and even playing with your kids. In this way, employees are not competing with the athletes. Instead, the athletes help inspire a more complete approach to wellbeing. This is all in addition to the charitable giving aspect of Plus3: for every activity logged on, the employee’s company donates to charity.



Initially contracted athletes will work with employers who agree to pilot this program for six months as we refine the offering and our marketing strategies. The athletes’ input into our partnership strategy will be welcomed.


  • Athletes will be expected to log their own training on the Plus3 platform (e.g. Ran 5 miles; 30 minutes of core exercises) EVERYDAY 
  • Athletes will send simple short “congrats” messages to about 10 individuals EACH DAY
  • Athletes will briefly respond to 2-5 questions per week from individuals (about training, nutrition, injury care or ‘life as an elite athlete’)
  • Athletes will write a brief blog once per month with a fitness tip or training/racing story that will be shared with the employees
  • A visit to the company may be arranged (and paid for) to meet with the employees face-to-face


  • Familiarity with the PLUS3 program is a plus, but not required.
  • Passionate about the opportunity to inspire fitness across all ages.
  • Reliability to hit DAILY expectations without fail over the full six months, regardless of travel, racing & personal schedules, is critical.
  • Skill at developing and writing blogs and fitness tips.