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Kurbo Health | Eastbay



Company: Kurbo Health

Position: Program Coach

Job Availability: Immediate & Year-Round


Program Description: Online weight management program designed specifically for kids and teens. It is based on the Pediatric Weight Control Program at tanford Children's Hospital. This 3 month program includes an app where members track their food and exercise behaviors and have weekly coach meetings over Facetime or Skype.


Company Description:  KURBO Health is the first mobile and online weight management program for kids, teens and their families. Kurbo is based on the leading pediatric weight management program in the country. It is a fun and engaging program that is designed to empower children and their families to make healthy choices and manage their weight.


  • Part-time: Typically a minimum of 5 hours per week (most sessions with the clients occur "after school hours", so your availability during these hours on most weekdays is important)
  • Year-round Opportunity
  • Work-from-anywhere; Flexible hours; Coaching by phone & online training
  • Health & wellness industry
  • Role Modeling & inspiring healthy behaviors with kids and teens
  • Comprehensive training is provided   
  • $20 per child per month


  • Provide a positive and uplifting experience for the child
  • Monitor each child’s progress
  • Assist children in overcoming obstacles and challenges they may encounter
  • Provide education and support on healthy eating and exercise
  • Work with the child as a teacher, tutor, coach, counselor

In addition to the job description, the following information is important to understand before applying to be a Kurbo Coach:

  • Almost all coaching calls take place during after-school hours between 2 and 7 pm.
  • Children/Families sign up for Kurbo for 3 or 4 months and the same coach is expected to meet with them weekly for that time.
  • Must have access to a computer and smartphone
  • We do a background check on all coaches
  • Training to be a coach is a commitment! You are learning a new curriculum and how to coach kids manage their weight using behavior modification. It is time consuming and intensive at first but then it is very efficient and fun.
  • Most training is online and take about 4 hours to complete
  • An additional one hour live training call is required before you can coach
  • New coaches meet with a coach mentor for 15 minutes a week for your first month
  • You will get the most out of it if you see this as a longer term commitment. We expect a commitment of availability for a minimum of 6 consecutive months that starts immediately after training.
  • If you apply, you must be willing to start right away. If you want to coach later, apply later!
  • Compensation is based on coaching session completed, not length of time of coaching session
  • If you train, travel and compete extensively in spring and summer, consider a “seasonal” commitment to work for Kurbo 6 months a year (e.g. from Sept-March)


  • Passionate about the opportunity to inspire fitness across all ages
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently. Reliability to meet expectations without fail, regardless of travel, racing & personal schedules.
  • Experienced working with children from a variety of age groups
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Empathetic to the difficulties around weight and behavior change
  • A proven motivator
  • Availability in afternoon and evenings several nights a week, and possibly Saturdays, for weekly one-on-one phone consultations with assigned children.
  • Background/education and/or skills in teaching, psychology, counseling, social work or similar.

Kurbo will prioritize athletes in the application process but there are no guarantees of hire. We are looking for the following characteristics:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Patience. Working with kids and families is challenging! They don’t always do what you want them to do and they don’t always make Kurbo and health their highest priority
  3. Passion for working with children
  4. Ability to relate to the issues our Kurbo families have around exercise and healthy eating
  5. Interest in health coaching and behavior modification
  6. Ability to commit to working for Kurbo 6 months consecutively!


  1. Send resume and cover letter to describing your interest and outlining how your skills and experience line up with the qualifications above. (AthleteBiz can assist you in creating a resume if you do not have one). 
  2. You will be pre-screened by AthleteBiz and Kurbo, and Kurbo will determine if you move to the next step including an interview.

Company: Eastbay

Position: Team Sales FAST Associate (Field Associate Sales Training)

Job Availability: Immediate



Field Associate Sales Training program, assisting Road Sales Representatives in the field to learn how to identify and cultivate new prospects, cross-sell solutions to existing clients, and effectively close sales opportunities.



 Works directly with assigned sales rep to learn all required road sales rep skills


  • Services clients via phone, email, and personal visitations within a certain assigned geographic territory
  • Educate clients on products and current market trends
  • Present product solution(s) to each client to meet their specific needs. Typcailly this includes a quote, brochure, catalog, etc; give sales presentations as needed
  • Offer professional advice to further the knowledge of the customer so they can make an educated decision that will be best for them
  • Build long lasting trustworthy relationships with customers
  • Take responsibility for merchandise that needs to be returned
  • Monitor customer's accounts receivable to insure proper terms of payment are being met
  • Deliver product when needed

Stay involved in continued education process on product and new market trends


Attend area coaching conventions/clinics


Select representatives may be asked to temporarily move to Wausau in order to work with Inside Sales Group



Bachelor's degree from four-year college or university; or one to two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience


The full job description can be downloaded here (PDF)


This is normally a full-time job but they may be able to be somewhat flexible on this.


Here are the answers they gave us to some followup questions:

  • What is the compensation? Starting range is $35-40k
  • Are there any location preferences/requirements? All markets would be considered
  • Would there be travel expectations? This job requires the candidate to be in the market almost exclusively. The only out of market travel would be for regional sales meetings a few times per year
  • Could there be gaps in the job focus while an athlete travels to meets or Europe? This may be very hard to accomplish depending on the time away. Please let me know what this time frame looks like for an applicant athlete
  • How many hours a week, realistically, would it require to be successful at the role? 40-50 is average‚Äč, but may be flexible for an actively training athlete


Send an email to expressing your interest