Chauntae Bayne: 2014 Reflections

Chauntae Bayne

"For the 2014 season, I managed to start my indoor season off pretty great. I was able to break my pr 3 separate times throughout the season. My final race resulting in breaking my PR was at the USA Indoor Championships, and immediately after the broken PR, I also broke (tore) many ligaments in my ankle, resulting in the close of my outdoor season before I had an opportunity to open it. As a result of my faith in God and His perfect plan for my life, I don't look back and regret anything because when you are a believer and follower of the word, everything is used for your good.

As a result of the injury and me not being able to train nor compete, I was able to utilize the time and officially launch my 501c3 nonprofit (G3 Athletics), and work with a number of private schools to help their programs. My hindsight correction would be to not have gotten so into my emotions and gotten so angry and disheartened the week of my injury."

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