Amanda Bingson: 2014 Reflections

Amanda Bingson

"This year was a bit weird for me. 2014 has been my best, worst year. On paper it has been nothing but progress with my world ranking going up, my throwing average this year went up about 2 meters, and I finished higher in the Hammer Challenge this year than last. However, this is the first year I have not improved on my PR, so i have mixed feelings about this year and the 'success' of it. Looking back, I was really focused on the 'business' aspect of my career and getting the marks that will up my rankings and make me the most money in the long run, while forgetting to actually enjoy the career that many dream of, being a 'professional athlete'. So I think that is what held me back this year. I was not enjoying what I was doing, but rather stressing about how I was doing. I realize that rankings and marks are important, but if I am not enjoying my travels while I'm 'working' then what is the difference between me throwing the hammer and working at the Casio's back home?

My daddy always said that a career is something that will make you money, make you famous, or make you want to get up. A job will allow you to pay your bills, live day to day, and hit the snooze. Everyone should strive for a career not just a job. I am fortunate enough that throwing the hammer makes me money and excites me to wake up and go train that morning, and it is important for me to remember that for next year and Rio in 2016."

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