Jordan Scott - Recap of USA Indoor Nationals & Motivation via Bubka!

February 28, 2014



It seemed as though everything was coming together FINALLY at the right time… and then it was over. I can’t say I worked very hard to get to the USA Championships this season because I was battling hamstring tightness all year, but I was finally able to jump from 18 steps and feel comfortable the week before at the Air Force Academy. Then I had the best practice in a long time from 14 steps the wednesday before USA’s. During the entire competition in Albuquerque, both of my hamstrings felt weak and angry with me, as much as I tried to hydrate and get massages the weeks prior. Luckily, nothing bad happened to them and I was able to run a consistent approach all day, but by the time I got my rhythm back and started to work through poles, I came down on my 3rd attempt at 5.45m (17′ 10.5″) and barely scraped the bar with my chest, only for it to bobble off the pegs as I hit the landed. It was a whirlwind of excitement and disappointment knowing that I was SO CLOSE to putting things together just in the knick of time. I am still working through my own frustrations but am extremely excited for the vaulters who won a medal for the first time, and for Mark Hollis becoming the US Champion for the 3rd time in his career! He has really gotten in a sweet groove this season and I would love to help push him to higher heights when outdoor comes around! Just for kicks… here’s the video of my last attempt of the competition, proving there is progress in my vault and that I’m in a good place to get some higher bars this outdoor season! Thank you to everyone who helped me on my journey this indoor season from new and improved grip chalk to chiropractic work and massages. And a special thanks to my family and my wife for always supporting me no matter how high I jump or how well I place.



And just for fun, my mom sent this youtube video to me in an email this morning and I had to share it! This is a compilation of 11 different world records Sergey Bubka set  out of his 35 total world records (indoor and outdoor)! He certainly was the king of his time, but it’s super exciting to finally have a new king of the pole vault, Mr. Renaud Lavillenie! Enjoy this video of the former king and hopefully you will be as inspired as I am to go higher than any man (or woman) has gone before!