Cydney Ross - and the devil came in

January 9, 2014


If you can name the show referenced in this title then 4 for you Glen Coco!

If not, please clear your schedule on Thursday nights at 9pm and begin watchingScandal ASAP. It will change your life. You can catch up on Netflix right now, you’re welcome.

If you follow me on Twitter (@cydmarie16) then you already know that I’ve been battling the worst cold the last couple of days. But if you don’t follow me on Twitter, then not only should you change that immediately, but now you also know that I’ve been sick as a dog (and not the cute kind) since Saturday. I’ve been holed up in my bed with Netflix and lots of fluids for the last 4 days and it hasn’t been fun. But considering there was a polar vortex outside, the fact that I haven’t had to leave my apartment has been quite convenient because ain’t nobody got time for 7 degree weather. But I seriously feel like the devil has come inside of me (fortunately I didn’t kill anyone, sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone) and by the devil I mean the black plague, aka a stomach virus turned coughing fit turned sexy congestion turned constantly runny nose turned all out misery. You know the game Oregon Trail? I’m the person that was cast out of the wagon because you couldn’t kill enough oxen or deer to feed me, I was dying of cholera, and I was too heavy to carry.

I have been downing Nyquil (or more aptly the generic version because I’m poor) and taking cough syrup to the head like it’s nobody’s business. Some advice for current student-athletes: stock up on the free medicine from the doc because in the real world, the stuff is not cheap and being sick is no fun! Who would’ve thought that the boxes and boxes of Mucinex, gallons of cough syrup, and free allergy medicine was worth hundreds of dollars! I took all of the medicine and the convenience of an on-campus doctor for granted #postcollegiatestruggles 

When I was in college I was terrified of getting sick. I mean what student-athlete wasn’t?! College is a cesspool for disease: kids are stressed, kids don’t sleep, kids are trading spit left right, kids are stressed, and at Duke, the Cameron Crazies are sleeping OUTSIDE in tents for 6 weeks where the only things they have to keep them warm are each other and alcohol. All of those factors create the perfect equation for monster viruses and ghastly colds, the bane of every student-athlete’s existence. So I was extra careful when I was in college, always washing my hands, hand sanitizing, didn’t touch handrails, steered clear of dining halls as much possible, never EVER kissed strangers at Shooters (in the winter at least), wore a facemask, just kidding that never happened, I wasn’t that crazy, but you know all the usual, extreme stuff you would do to avoid being sick. When I graduated college, I thought that I was free and clear from the sicknesses that ruined training and destroyed happy health lives. And like a fool, I let my hyper vigilante avoidance of sickness guard down and just as you expected, I’ve been sick all the freaking time. I’ve most definitely learned my lesson the hard way.

But my constant self medication has shown marginal improvements in my health and I’m finally starting to feel better! Yayyy. But as I come out of this illness, I’m reminded of the fact that like clockwork, since November, I’ve been sick every 2 weeks. You would think after all of those bouts of illness I would’ve come up with a system to stay healthy, but for some reason I just can’t figure it out. My training has been so inconsistent and it’s frustrating because every time I’m on the brink of a breakthrough in training, I get sick. Not only is training on a half healthy body consistently disappointing because I never feel like I’m reaching my potential, but I know it can’t be good for my long term health. Boo. My ferritin levels are fine, I’m eating a balanced diet, I’m taking extra vitamin C…so what gives?? Any ideas, please feel free to reach out to me!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to have 2 months of consistent training. I mean I obviously want to train as hard and as long as possible, but considering I haven’t been able string together more than 2 weeks of training without getting sick, 2 months seems like a lofty yet achievable goal for this sickly over here.

Here’s to getting healthy and working out on Friday!


P.S. For those also recovering from the partying days of college and adjusting to the adult life, put your shot glasses to good use as measuring cups for cough syrup! 3/4 of a shot is the equivalent of 2 tablespoons, 30mL. So the next time you’re sick and you can’t find your nifty measuring cup, reach for that shot glass! Cheers!

Yay for reappropriating old things! This was shot glass came from a rowdy stint in NoLA

Yay for reappropriating old things! This shot glass came from a rowdy stint in NoLA