Megan Dedering

Uncatchable Fastinista
Rochester, MI University of Washington

Living my dreams everyday, thank you for supporting them!


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Presenting the 25 greatest high school sports records in Metro Detroit history
Megan Goethals 7th Place - Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run 2015
Goethals just keeps overcoming

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Megan Dedering

Born and raised in Rochester, MI, Megan Rochester High School prior to setting her sights on the Pacific Northwest and the University of Washington, where she earned a degree in Communications with a minor in Diversity. While competing for the Huskies, Megan was a 9-time DI All-American and brought home the 2013 Pac-12 Conference Championship in the 5k. Megan is a fixture among the nations top distance runners. On the track and in racing, Megan is a gritty and tenacious competitor, running with her heart and leaving…

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  • Coach: Dennis Barker
  • Training group: Team USA Minnesota
  • Training hurdles: Two Femoral Stress Fractures, Eating Disorder, Anxiety/Depression Interview: Megan Goethals on her high school running days in Michigan

Interview: Mike Morgan and Megan Goethals, 2014 Detroit Turkey Trot 10K Champions

Team Deeds is on the move- next stop ✋🏼 ... 715 miles to go! #Uffda #PureMichigan

Disappointed in myself for not thinking of this first #Michigangster