Mattie Suver

Professional Distance Runner
Laramie, WY Eastern Washington University/University of Oregon Colorado Springs, CO

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Mattie Suver

From the high plains of Laramie, WY, Mattie attended Laramie High School. From here, Mattie's path to becoming a USA Champion is somewhat different than many elite runners. She says, "I played volleyball for most of my time in high school, until I was cut from the team, so I joined cross country. My times were not very fast coming out of high school, so I walked on to a small school, Eastern Washington University. I slowly improved every year and eventually transferred to my dream school, University of…

About Mattie

  • Coach: Scott Simmons
  • Agent: Josh Cox
  • Training group: American Distance Project
  • Favorite place to compete: Bolder Boulder 10k: it was the first race I ever ran in high school with my dad. I remember watching the elites in awe after my race, but never in a million years did I dream I would be one of them and get to race in the international elite competition.
  • Highschool PR: 1600m: 5:29; 3200m: 12:04; 5k: 20:37
  • When my competing days are done, I would like to: I currently work part time at a Physical Therapy clinic. After running, I would love to go back to school and finish my Physical Therapy degree. The PTs where I work do so much for me now, and I am inspired and amazed by their work everyday. I would love to help other athletes someday in the same way that the PTs at Synergy have helped me.

Team Mattie:

Suver, Lutz win XC national championships

Mattie Suver is fourth among U.S. runners in Bolder Boulder elite field

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