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Kaitlin Gregg Goodman

Born and raised in Davis, California, Kaitlin ran collegiately at the University of California, Davis before joining Strava Track Club in 2010. Having not been a high school phenom or college star, Kaitlin's hard work and determination has led to her steady improvement to the elite level. Kaitlin had a breakout 2015 and in 2016 was one of only two women to compete in all three distances events at the Olympic Trials (5k, 10k & marathon). Kaitlin competes for the Boston Athletic Association and is sponsored by Adidas.…

About Kaitlin

  • Coach: Mark Carroll
  • Training group: Boston Athletic Association
  • Philanthropic involvement: Safe on the Road
  • Training hurdles: Asthma, Proximal Hamstring Injury
  • Special skills: Coaching and Public Health
  • Highschool PR: 5:19 1600 meters, 11:27 3200 meters

Team Kaitlin:

The Road to CIM

The Road to CIM: Fuel for Fast

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