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Bonney Lake, WA Boise State University Seattle, WA

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My First Professional Meet

Jordin Andrade

It took persistence and determination for Jordin to become the star athlete he is now. It started at Bonney Lake high school, located in a small pacific northwest town of Bonney Lake, WA, where it took Jordin three years to finally earn his spot on the high school varsity team his senior year, his first of many steps he took to reach the goals he set. He saw his potential and shot to becoming a D1 athlete. But even after his much improved senior year, he still went unrecuited. This started a burning desire to want to reach…

About Jordin

  • Coach: George Williams
  • Agent: Mark Pryor
  • Philanthropic involvement: Athletes for Hope, Make A Wish, United Way
  • Favorite foods: Ice Cream! But I use it as a reward, make sure to eat healthy!
  • Favorite TV show: Archer
  • Favorite movie: Jurassic Park
  • Favorite place to compete: Mt SAC Relays
  • Warm up song: Chance the Rapper or some Oldies!
  • Highschool PR: 300h - 39.02!

MWC 400 hurdles 2015

Boise Boarder Clash 400 hurdles

Jordin Andrade 400H champ TF Junior Outdoor Championships 2011