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Clovis, CA University of California, Davis Minneapolis, MN

My passion for competitive running is inspired by the larger running community along with my own personal reasons that push me to continually dig for more regardless of the hurdles that may ensue.  In doing so, I hope to inspire others on a similar path, of all abilities, to seek their own goals and more importantly achieve and maintain a high level of integrity through sport.


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Jonathan Peterson

Born in Colorado and raised in California, Jon attended Clovis High School in Clovis, CA prior to UC Davis, where he earned a degree in Human Development. While competing for the Aggies, Peterson was a cross country All-American, and a three-time Big West Champion, taking his first in 2010 in cross country, and pulling the double in 2012 in the 1500m and 5000m. He holds the UC-Davis school records in the 5k and 10k. After graduation, Jon parted with the golden state and now trains in Minneapolis, MN with Team USA…

About Jonathan

  • Coach: Chris Lundstrom
  • Training group: Team USA Minnesota
  • Training hurdles: Asthma, Self-Doubt, Calf, Hamstring, IT Band, and Knee Problems
  • Special skills: Child Program Leadership, Coaching, Personal Training, Public Speaking, and Tutoring

Team Jonathan:

Daily Workout with Jonathan Peterson

I recently decided to retire from competitive running. You can read more on that in my blog.

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