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The running community is unlike any other and I am forever grateful to this sport for the fun and fast times I have had and will continue to have with the best people. To my family, friends, past and present teammates/coaches, and fans - I continue to run fast in circles because of you!


Tokyo '20 - I'm coming for you.



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Jessica Tonn

Born and raised in the Southwest, Jess started her running career much earlier than most, when she began competing in cross country and track as a USATF Youth athlete in 6th grade. Her successes also started early while at Xavier College Prep High School in Phoenix, AZ. Jess would garner national attention as a two-time Arizona state cross country champion and four-time FootLocker cross country national finalist. After Xavier, Jess chose to take her talents to Palo Alto and run for the Cardinal. While competing for…

About Jess

  • Agent: Tom Ratcliffe & Alistair Cragg
  • Training group: Dr. Jeffery Messer
  • Philanthropic involvement: Youth Mentorship (Boys & Girls Club), Humane Society/ Animal Shelters
  • Favorite foods: Japanese & Thai
  • Hobbies: Cooking, concerts, exploring Seattle sites - farmers markets, restaurants & coffee shops. I do social media/ marketing consulting on the side as well
  • Favorite TV show: Pretty much anything on Food Network and a plethora of HBO/Netflix series. Also really, really trashy TV....
  • Favorite movie: I'm going to go with one of my favorite animated films - Ratatouille
  • Dream vacation: Lake Tahoe is easily my favorite place on Earth. My family has been escaping the sweltering Arizona summer temperatures in Tahoe for over ten years now. Some of my favorite runs and memories with family and friends come from our time in Tahoe. When I need to hit the "reset" button - this is where I go to do it!
  • Favorite place to compete: Stanford
  • Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! I love the build up and anticipation of getting back home and seeing the family - it also means fried turkey, beer, and lots of football!
  • Warm up song: Let the Beat Build - Lil Wayne, but anything Britney Spears, Beyonce, or Kanye will also do
  • I most enjoy competing against: The best
  • After competition indulgence: Blue Moon with an orange wedge
  • Highschool PR: 800 - 2:14, Mile - 4:50, 3200 - 10:25

I have suffered from minor/major injuries, extreme self doubt/nerves/anxiety, tough transitions to college/professional running, mental resilience, and more. I am here to learn from my peers and to also lend an ear/helping hand. The running community has lifted me up time and time again, and I am here to return the favor!

Team Jess:

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