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Thank you guys for joining me on my journey as a professional track and field athlete. The amount of support I receive from my fans is amazing.  You guys are awesome!!! Without your support, I wouldn't be able to do what I love. Feel free to find and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.



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Jasmin Stowers

While most American track stars don’t travel to Europe until after college, Jasmin Stowers got her start there. Born into a military family stationed in Germany, Jasmin didn’t arrive in the US until she was 2, moving frequently around the country until the family settled in Pendleton, SC. There, Jasmin started sprinting in age-group track when she was 8, before shifting to the hurdles when she was 11. The barriers proved to be, well, no barrier as Jasmin soon found herself a Junior Olympic finalist and eventually,…

About Jasmin

  • Coach: Lennox Graham
  • Agent: Mark Wetmore
  • Special skills: Public Speaking, Health &Wellness, Mentor, Brand Ambassador
  • Hobbies: Writing, Traveling, and Reading


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RT @nzaccardi: Nigerian bobsled team goes on Ellen. They haven't officially qualified for the Olympics yet but I believe they mathematicall…

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