Jared Ward

Husband, Dad, Running, Student, Statistics
Kaysville, UT Brigham Young University Provo, UT

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Utah’s Jared Ward enters New York City Marathon with blinders off, sights set on getting back to the Olympics
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Jared Ward

 Born and raised in Kaysville, Utah, Jared attended Davis High School prior to Brigham Young University, where he earned a degree in Statistics, minoring in Math. He also holds a Masters Degree in Statistics. While competing for the Cougars, Jared was a two-time All-American following his performances at the NCAA Cross Country Championship meets. More recently, Jared crossed the finish line first at the 2015 U.S. Marathon Championships, earning the title of National Champion.

Initially considering himself a soccer player…

About Jared

  • Coach: Ed Eyestone
  • Agent: Bob Wood
  • Training group: Provo
  • Philanthropic involvement: LDS Church

Team Jared:

2015 US Marathon Champion Jared Ward after his 3rd place finish at 2015 LA Marathon

Jared Ward - Return To Form

Jared Ward prepares for his First Olympics in Rio

RT @Dr_Weyand: Pleased to have our @LocomotorLabSMU Olympic running piece with @NYT receive an international media award. Good lead-in to…

RT @MelansonFinn: @jwardy21 + team are launching the first American pro running team (@RunEliteProgram) ever funded by state money. That'…