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Plattsburgh, NY Cornell University Ithaca, NY

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Genna Hartung

From being born in Portland, Maine, attending Seton Catholic High School in Plattsburgh, NY, and college at Cornell University, Genna has stayed true to her northeast roots, now training with and assistant coaching the Cornell Women's Track and Cross Country teams. Before her graduation in 2013, Genna was a two-time All-American and ECAC Champion, as well as an All-Ivy Team Member in Cross Country and Track, all while earning a degree in Nutritional Studies and Pre-Med.


Genna balances her training and…

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  • Coach: Arthur Cameron Smith
  • Training group: Cornell University

Interview following the 2012 Heps XC Championship

RT @CREarle: Fun fact: In 1980, a @cornellsun prank convinced students that Thanksgiving break was cancelled.

RT @davidlikesyou: Me: *mashing A Button* Nurse Joy: Your Pokémon are fully healed. We hope to see you again! Me: Don’t say it Don’t say i…