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US Marathon Champ
Richmond, VA Case Western Reserve University Greenville, SC

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Esther Atkins Adds Miles to Queens 10K with Runs To and From Airport
“The Joy of Doing What I Love Most”

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“That’s me! I did that!” Now moving on…
Seeing the Trees for the Forest

Esther Atkins

Esther Atkins (formerly Erb) took a different path than most to her eventual marathon success. Growing up in Richmond, VA, Esther attended Maggie Walker High School before Case Western Reserve University, where she earned a degree in Music and Cognitive Science. Having not intended on running in college, Esther was recruited off a treadmill during freshman orientation. From that day, she went from a first-time cross country runner and a freshman 5k PR of 21:49 to one of the most decorated runners in Case…

About Esther

  • Coach: Steve Magness
  • Training group: New York Athletic Club
  • Spouse: Cole Atkins

Team Esther:

Esther Erb After Worlds Championship Marathon

She picked trails from both my city of origin and current chosen home! Props to #RVA and #yeahTHATgreenville ❤️❤️

I have also struggled with alternative pronouns. I appreciate this mother’s perspective. Serious question: Who bene…