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Greene, NY Oklahoma State University Boulder, CO

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Chad Noelle Pre-Race - USATF 1 Mile Road Championships 2017

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Chad Noelle

From Greene, NY, Chad attended Greene Central High School where he would earn garner state and national attention on the track and trails. His senior year included a win at the 2010 Northeast Foot Locker cross country championships and a 10th-place finish at the Foot Locker Nationals, as well as a state title on the track at 1,600 meters. His success continued with the Cowboys of Oklahoma State, where he would also earn a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Bringing home numerous conference…

About Chad

  • Coach: Robb Munro
  • Agent: Ray Flynn
  • Special skills: Coaching
  • Favorite foods: Thai food, sushi
  • Hobbies: Travel, movies, golfing, reading, socializing, video games
  • Favorite TV show: Rick and Morty
  • Favorite movie: Gladiator
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • After competition indulgence: Hot tub
  • Highschool PR: 4:09.02 (Mile) 8:56.02 (3200m) 1:53.5 (800m)


Team Chad:

Chad Noelle: NCAA 1,500m Champion

Grand Blue Mile Interview

NCAA 1500m Final 2015

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My take: biggest difference in performances this yr is NCAA men. NCAA women minorly better, pros about same as typi…