Wrapping Up 2015

from Chantae’s Blog

Hello all! I am finally back and ready to include you along my journey over the next 8 months. Also, fill you in on past thoughts, accomplishments, and things I have overcome. I will touch on a few things through this entry then follow up through my next entries planned!

First, I would like to emphasize how happy I am training in Dayton, Ohio with my coach, Lynn Smith. The training program he has for me is going well and I’m learning different things about myself every week. My main focus is enjoying the process daily and what that involves as a whole.

I would also like to tell you all about recently signing a contract with GNC and AboutTime. Both are going to supplement my training over this coming year!

We all know GNC has an abundance of products and with some guidance from a nutritionist they have on staff, I was able to find a couple of supplements to work into my diet. One product I like is GQ-6 Flooid, which is a mix that helps with hydration and recovery. You can check it out here: GQ-6 Flooid

AboutTime, a product also sold by GNC, has a nighttime recovery formula that I have gravitated towards! It’s called “Zz” and it has 21g of protein per serving, along with coconut oil powder, melatonin, casein, and tryptophan to help the body recover through a good night’s sleep! Check it out along with their other products that I’ll mention in a later entry! http://tryabouttime.com

I hope you all have gotten all the gifts for your loved ones and are with or ready to be with your family! I made it home to Missouri and will also go see my family in Wisconsin for the holidays, followed by attending a friend’s wedding New Years Eve!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Until next time!


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