Which OUT are YOU?

Excerpt from ‘More Heart Than Talent’ by Jeffery Combs

Leaders understand that there are four kinds of ‘outs.’  First of all,
there are cop-outs.  These are people who have no goals and no commitment.
They do just enough to “get by.”  They live off of inaction and excuses.

Second, are hold-outs.  These are people who are afraid and live from
“I’m not good enough.”  These are the procrastinators.  They say they’re
in, but the training, the sacrifices, the Olympic spirit are not in them.  They don’t
understand that Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork.  Life is a people-
driven opportunity, an opportunity to connect with, help and inspire people!

Third are the drop-outs, people who never get started, or start toward a goal,
but quit as soon as the going gets tough.  These are people who tiptoe quietly
to their graves loaded with the regrets of missed opportunities, unfulfilled
dreams and inaction.

Fourth are the all-outs.  These are the people who set goals, commit to them
and never take their eye off of their goals until they’ve accomplished them.
Through this process, they become the person they deserve to be.  The kind of
person I admire, respect and want to be around.

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