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Six months since my last blog post and six months since my last vacation… This is not the start of a new trend, I promise! Here is a quick recap of the highs and lows since February:


ONE Team USA Jersey!  


SIX Races: US Marathon Championships (9th; 2:42:20), NYRR Run as One (1st, 22:12), NYRR Brooklyn Half-Marathon (2nd, 1:15:33), Spring Lake Five (1st, 27:44), NYRR Healthy Kidney 10k (6th, 35:14), Pan American Games Marathon (DNF @ 18mi, Tibia Fracture)


EIGHT 100+ mile weeks


ONE Award: New York Road Runner (NYRR) 2014 Runner of the Year


THREE Injuries: Tibia Fracture (L), Acute Compartment Syndrome (L), Foot Drop (L)


TWO (New) Gym Memberships and 94 hours on the elliptical


ONE ElliptiGO! Thanks Jeff Caron!


ONE Awesome Watch Discovery-


I train with a GPS watch but race with an analog, deferring to course mile markers to take my own splits. My high school-era analog watch, neglected and almost ten years old, was in dire need of an upgrade.  Enter the Soleus Chicked! My new gadget made its debut at the Pan Am Games Marathon and almost helped me forget how scared I was to race (on a broken tibia) after not running for the preceding five weeks!! The display on the Soleus Chicked is awesome and the split recall is super user-friendly. The old watch has officially been retired. Can’t wait to get back racing with the Chicked!


ONE Hydration Success Story-


Half of the Pan Am Games Marathon field dropped out due to heat and humidity-related effects. Not entirely surprising with race morning temperatures in the 70s, humidity of 90% and an exposed loop course.  Thanks to my experience running in 80+ degree heat at the US Marathon Championships in Los Angeles and the Nuun Plus in my bottles, the heat was the least of my worries! The Pan Am Games Marathon was my first experience with Nuun Plus. Unfortunately a DNF reads next to my name.  Had I been in good health, I think I would have been in a position to capitalize on the tough weather conditions thanks to Nuun Plus! I will definitely be using it during my next marathon.


24,000 Airline Miles: TWO countries (Chile, Canada) & THREE states (Florida, New Jersey, California)


And last but not least…


ONE incredible vacation with my best bud!!


Here’s where I’ve been. Don’t know where I’m going…. Next update when I do!

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