Where is Spring?

by Samantha Bluske

from Run Happy, Run Fierce

I don’t know about you but let me tell ya….I am over winter.  I’ve been dreaming of running in shorts and a sports bra for far too many days.  It is March 27th and I get thrilled to see a day in the 40s.  I truly believe in the winter blues and I have my own self imposed rule which states that I can’t make any life decisions in the month of February…however this year that should be extended to the month of March.

Winter training is hard. It is hard on your body. It is hard on your mind. It is hard on your spirits.  While I’m no expert on surviving the grind of winter training but here are a few tips I’ve used to get me through early, bitter cold, windy mornings.

  1. Find a friend.
    Everything is better with a friend.  Whether it’s a local running group, college teammate or roommate, take advantage of running with friends.  Some days I want to suffer alone but most days the company of a friend makes a frigid run 100x better.
  2. Take advantage of the sun.
    This is huge for me–Ohio has been cold but I’ve been lucky to see the sun a good amount.  It is amazing how the sunshine can instantly shift my mood even when the temperatures are frigid.
  3.  Bribe yourself.
    So this may not be the best piece of advice but I do it…even when the weather is nice.  There are many days I feel tired and my bed sounds way better than getting out the door.  For long run days I bribe myself with a latte from Starbucks or for an evening double, I’ll treat myself to Chipotle.  Whatever gets the job done at the end of the day works for me.

For now, I’ll be dreaming of sunshine and 75 degree temperatures.

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