What can I say that many already see~

from Olympian in Progress


This past year has been about learning and trusting. With a couple over 70, many in the 69’s and a few below that, I can look back on my most consistent season with a smile. With my many ups and few downs, I have a clear idea of what I need to work on next year to make it the best season of my career. Can anyone guess what that would be? l’ll give you a hint; it’s the thing that likes to allude me when I least expect it. 🙂


Confidence is my indestructible happiness. But when doubt falls off the shelf and I forget where it goes, it come back to haunt me. I know what I need to do to keep it from rolling off but just like throwing the hammer, it takes practice and consistency. (If none of that made sense, just know that majority of athletes are crazy and we have crazy ways of DEALing with emotions; mine—I put them on a shelf so I see them at all times).


Overall this season wouldn’t have happened without some great people on my side. Thank you to all my family and friends, Oiselle, Adidas, USATF Foundation and of course the great staff and Venegas Crew at the Olympic Training Center.


To the likes of one of my beloved Oiselle teammates, I am going to start blogging about my adventures in San Diego and travels this summer. I think I live a pretty boring life but anytime I bring it up to Fleshman, she is amused and wants more. They will be short and sweet with pictures of mountains and water, but I promise they will all have a good story behind them.


Cheers to the off-season!


XO, Brit

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