What a Year

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from Sandi Morris on Instagram

TWO THUMBS UP for my 2018 season! ✨

Fans see the performances, but rarely get to see the behind-the-scenes struggles we go through as pro athletes. This season I dealt with a bulging disk in my spine during indoor season, and went through some emotional battles having to sit out a number of indoor competitions leading up to the World Indoor Championships. Look what happened? I ended up having the performance of a lifetime and becoming World Champion just after weeks of pain & worrying that I was out for months. I trusted my doctors, rested when I was told, and trained however I could. Mostly, I kept reminding myself that no matter how long I had to rest, my body was not going to forget how to vault. My adrenaline kicked in when I needed it most, and my mental game propelled me through the doubt and onto the podium.

Outdoor season rolled around, and there really were a lot of ups and downs. The women’s pole vault has come a long way, and heights that would have won everything a few years back are now being jumped by numerous women in the world. Every time I step out there, I know it’s going to be a battle, and that’s the way it should be! The season did feel long, but at no moment was it boring! It was GO GO GO from one European competition to the next. It was making notes in my phone to remember the hotel room number because I was sleeping in a different bed every night. It was choppy FaceTime calls to my fiancé, missing my pets at home, and longing for a period of more than two days where I didn’t have to get on a plane after a battle with the airline employees to get my poles on the plane (lol!) But… it was ALSO memories that I will never forget, and performances that will add to my character for the rest of my life.

Grit. That’s what it took to get through this year.

I walked away with a few wins and a few losses, but all in all an incredible compilation of wonderful competitions. If you can walk away really happy from 1 out of every 4 or so meets, that’s an accomplishment.

World Indoor Champion, 3 diamond league wins, USA Outdoor Champion, world leader indoor and outdoor with 4.95m, and 12 competitions over 4.80m… I WILL TAKE THAT!

What a year.

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