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Danny Docherty Mile 21 2019 Twin Cities Marathon

Welcome! This is my first blog post ever on the AthleteBiz website platform.  AB is a community of high-level track and field athletes with the mission of inspiring others while also empowering athletes in their athletic endeavors.  I will plan to update this blog once per month with highlights of my last month of training and life.  I’ll do my best to write about 1 word per mile I’ve run that month, maybe more if I’m feeling it.  I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to join the AthleteBiz community and I’ll do my best to connect with the readers on a regular basis.  If you have any questions about training, racing or about athletics in general, I’m happy to chime in with my two cents.  I do enjoy writing and this blog will be a good way for me to share a bit of my writing with the online world.  Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy the ride!

First, I’ll cover what services I can offer you:

Personal Videogram:

I’ll record a video message and send it to you or your team.  I’m also happy to autograph a card and include a personal message if you prefer something you can hold.

Online Coaching Session:

I’ll talk with you about anything sports related.  I have coached high school track and cross country for 3 years, middle school basketball and soccer, high school soccer, collegiate cross country and I am currently an Online Run Coach with Life Time Run.  I played a variety of sports growing up but have the most experience in the track and field and running world.  I’m happy to discuss training methods, racing strategy, nutrition, injury prevention, drills, strength training, stretching, and shoes.

Corporate Wellness Event:

I will show up and talk with your company about the importance of staying healthy and fit.  Fitness is valuable to any lifestyle as it helps you perform better in everyday life.  I can offer my ideas and strategies to help you get the most out of a daily fitness routine.

Track and Field Clinic:

I’ll show up to your school or class to teach you about Track and Field and athletics in general.  You’ll learn about how to compete and also get a chance to test yourself in a few events.

Online Run Coach:

I will coach your running or track club via online.  I can provide 8 weeks of programming along with weekly motivation and tips.  And if I stop through your town, I’ll stop by for a training session to meet everyone.

Meet Director:

Want to compete? It’s always fun! I will show up and direct a meet for your team or club. I run an old-school meet with stopwatches, pen and paper. I will set up 5 events depending on what you want.  Anything from sprints, to longer races, to the throws and jumps.  It’s a fun way to get out and get a community together.  All ages welcome!

Click here to connect with me on any of the above opportunities!

Second, here’s a few cool ways to support my efforts in the sport:

1) Buy stuff on Running Warehouse through my link on AthleteBiz and it will generate a return to me:

There’s a variety of great products on Running Warehouse and they offer every brand on the market.  You can see what shoes and nutrition products I prefer on my AB website to help get you started.  I have three years of experience selling shoes and running products so I am always happy to discuss with you.

2) Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Strava:

Check out the links and handles below to join in on the ride and for periodic updates.

IG: @danny.doc

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/docherty.danny/

TWT: @danjamdoc

Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/36697618

3) Come to the races or watch online:

If you can come to the races, there’s always more than enough space for fans at road races and track events.  You’ll have to work a bit to get out there and cheer, but it always helps an athlete reach their best on the given day.  If you can’t be there in person, there is usually a live stream available somewhere online.

Thank you for reading and I will look forward to crafting my next post in November.

Signing off,

Danny Docherty

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