Week One in Review

from Strong at 40


Hey, I turned 40 this week. I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment by some standards. There were certainly moments in my life that may have led my parents to wonder if I’d make it this far.


Monday I started my strong@40 training. Tuesday, I threw as far as I’d normally throw in my first practice to start a new season. That’s comforting. The body doesn’t forget, but I have to be aware that the connective tissue still needs to adapt to the stress. I have to intentionally throw at 80% effort.


As I said in my first post about my lifting programs, I tend to overwrite programs and make adjustments as I go. When I first started training with a group, I would often get accused of being lazy. That wasn’t the case. My “laziness” grew out of a realization that missing one workout today is much better than missing a month later due to an injury. There’s a difference between being lazy and understanding the cumaltive stress and recovery needed thats impossible to account for in a program I wrote even the day before. You have to respond to the here and now. Your training plan must have that type of flexibility in it and you (or your coach) must have the ability to make adjustments on the fly without stressing about it.


My training this week fell short of what I wanted to accomplish in terms of volume, but nailed the quality. I work a more than full-time job that’s physically and emotionally demanding. I still managed to carve out 30 minutes to 1.5 hours on three out of five days. That’s not bad. And I’ll take advantage of the weekend. I learned this from my first coach after college, Robert Weir. Robert coached the throwers while still competing for Britain in the discus. He was brilliant at getting in work whenever he could. Sometimes he’d get a 15 minute snatch work out at 8am. Then, come back three hours later to do another exercise. It was rare when I saw him workout uninterrupted for an hour or more. As my friend Dan John would say “Can you go?” Robert was ready to go when any opportunity presented itself. If you’re working full-time and training, you need to take advantage of every free minute you have. You must be able to GO on a moments notice.


So today, I’m going out to the track for a throwing session. My throwing will repeat the same model as Tuesdays and if the old body feels good it will be a great victory.


Yesterday’s workout repeated Monday’s workout. I can already feel the change in my body and I’m excited about it. My body craves this type of stimulus.

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