“Walk in the light of the vision”

“Walk in the Light of the Vision that God has given to you.”

My Utmost for His Highest, Devotional: March 11. Acts 26:19. “If we lose sight of the “heavenly vision” God has given us, we alone are responsible- not God.”

You’ve been on top of the mountain, where God first gave you the vision, the dream, Direction. Where He first spoke passion into your heart. You remember it clearly, it made such an impact on your life. We’ve all had a mountain top experience with the Great Giver, it’s wonderful, empowering. Not all of us take that Gift and enter into the valley, the desert, decent into the unknown. But you took your gift, your vision and made it your own, you understood that success is not made on the mountain top, but on those common place days, in those common place moments, in the valleys, in the middle of the desert, where the vision is less clear. It’s hazy, difficult, easy to lose sight of that vision, easy to neglect it, easy to let the problems and struggles wear down your resolve until the big goal and dream doesn’t seem like such a priority, and you’re ok with settling for less. But you stayed on track, you never gave up, you kept Gods vision clear in your mind, you fought to keep it close and protect it. You walked slowly, steadily towards your goal. You were a good Stewart of the gift God gave to you. You took advantage of His plan, His purpose, you didn’t take His gift for granted. You worked hard, pursued it with everything you had, and made good use of the gift you were given. Only you know the depths of the struggle, the moments of despair, the lonely nights, the temptation to relax and let things slide. Yet you held fast, YOU were the one who persevered, out of many, You are the one who walked the walk, down the long road, up the rugged mountain, to the here, the now, this very moment, locked now in eternity because you achieved it, you accomplished what many could not. You never lost sight of the vision, and God rewarded your efforts.

Excerpt of my abstract reflections after making the Olympic Team in 2016 for USA Pole Vault.

I’m exited to have a public platform in which to share my thoughts, the journal entries I made in progression to my Olympic year, the raw, unfiltered moments leading up to the Olympic Trials, (My Mountain Top Experience) and back down into the next valley, and the struggles and triumphs therein. My question to you is: What vision has God given to you? and have you pursued it with all your might, or have you let it slip away and fade, no longer important?

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