Update on Team Johnson’s Road to Rio!

PC: Kevin Morris Photographer

by Crystal Johnson

The opening ceremonies took place this past Friday and we highly enjoyed ourselves, taking them in as a family. Kibwé will be heading out to the Olympics on August 11th, and his training has been going fantastic. It is a positively wonderful thing to see his hammer going farther than it has all year, at exactly the right time! He took a quick trip to Houston this past week to perform his team processing and was back to the grind of training and his part-time job at IMG Academy within 48 hours of his departure.

Brooklyn sat in stunned awe of the Opening Ceremonies, and when I explained to her that we were going there to watch her Dad compete, she was incredibly excited. Ruby practiced her walking, and didn’t take much interest in the spectacle.

The girls and I are booked to fly to Rio on the 14th. We are very lucky to have some close family friends making the trip with us. I cannot imagine doing it on my own.

The fundraiser is going strong. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to support us in making our trip to Rio! The t-shirt sales have also been a huge hit and we are so thrilled with the response. My goal has been to create a wave of support as Kibwé heads into the games. I’d love to see people taking and tagging pictures of themselves with their shirts as they celebrate being a part of Team Johnson. It feels wonderful to have such a great community behind us, and to be a part of such a great community!

Hammer throwing can be friend or foe. The highs are high, and the lows are low. But knowing you have people behind you makes all the difference, so let’s get behind Kibwé and ensure he feels the full support of his fans as we get closer to August 17th! Many have already done this is a monetary form, but other things you can do to heighten the Olympic feel is continue to share news and happenings of Kibwé and his quest to bring a medal back to American soil for the first time since 1996. Tell your friends to tune in, and get on social media to take pics of yourself swagged out in Team Kibwé shirts, Team USA shirts, and anything else that is fitting! Tag us (@misssmith36 and @kibwejohnson or @martillokibwe on instagram), so we get the full effect of everyone’s support. The gratitude and love we feel for everyone behind us is overwhelming, and this has truly been an Olympic sized effort. Thank YOU to everyone!

Thanks again so much!


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