Ty’s Training: Week of April 10, 2017

from Strive Trips

Weekly Summary – 140 miles in 14 runs

Cut back a bit after a botched workout on Wednesday and realized I’d run an enormous amount in the first 6 days of this real block. Still had a great 10K workout on Friday and a great strength long run on Sunday. Short season – only 6 weeks to go!

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Lunes, 10 de Abril, 2017

9:30am: Slept late again but got out the door relatively quickly. Ran out/back on MVS. Beautiful day again – sunny and warm. Felt good, didn’t feel yesterday too much. Down past the big bridge. Nice day to be out on the water. Slight negative split. Finished at the turf and did 10x strides barefoot on the turf. Jogged home. Total run 25km+ , 15.5M+ in 1h42.

XT: Back/hips.

3pm: Ran after a nice nap. Felt pretty good, out/back on MVN to the first bridge and then to the turf, 1km barefoot and then 6x strides barefoot. Jogged back. Nice and warm around 80F and sunny. Allergies are acting up but I mostly notice it post-run. Total run 6M+ in 42’.

Martes, 11 de Abril, 2017

9:30am: Ran first to HT and back to get passover food and then out/back on MVS. Felt pretty decent. Warm in the 80s today and sunny. Ran 13km in 56’ and then did 1km on the grass barefoot, 10x barefoot strides, and jogged home. All good. Allergies pretty bad once I stopped again, but it is what it is. Total run 10M+ in 70’.

XT: Back/hips.

3:15pm: Ran to GSM for massage. Got there a bit early so did an extra mile or so on the towpath. Felt pretty good. Beautiful day still. Deep session with Terrel with a lot of work on the TFL and glutes and some very good work on left achilles. Ran back after which felt fine as well – form was good. Total run 12M+ in 1h24.

XT: Hips

Miercoles, 12 de Abril, 2017

9:30am: Botched workout. Legs just weren’t having it today. About 4M of warmup, 4x strides, drills, ran in hupanas on the 1K loop which I’d just wheeled so had every 100m chalked. Felt pretty bad from the start. Supposed to do 4 sets of 1K/600 at ~3’00/1’42-45 and ran like 3’01/1’47 (both positive split) and felt terrible so just called it after the first 400m of the second 1K in like 74. Definitely just fatigue catching up. 140 miles in the last 6 days! Yikes – didn’t realize I was that high. Easy cooldown. Total run 10M.

4pm: Ran back from GSM. Felt pretty wobbly for some of it. Very hot and I think a bit depleted and dehydrated. Good thing today’s an easy day! Total run 10km+, 6.5M in 46’.

Jueves, 13 de Abril, 2017

9:30am: Easy run out/back on MVN. Taking it a bit easier today after yesterday’s debacle. Finished with 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 at about 17.x/100m (so 17.x, 34.x, 52.x, 68.x, 1’27). Felt pretty fast. Hope to get this feeling a bit easier in the next 6 weeks! Total run 12M.

XT: Back/hips

3:30pm: Easy run around CC, 4km barefoot on the grass under 16’00 which felt good w/ last km in 3’38. Finished with 6x strides barefoot as well. Jogged to post office/CVS/post office after for MS run – productive! Total run 6M in 40’.

XT: p90x – first time in a while!

Viernes, 14 de Abril, 2017

Sparknotes: 16x600m @ 1’45.3 avg (2’55.5/km) w/ 200m quick jog @ 51.5 (4’17.5/km) avg. Total 12.6km in 40’41 (3’13.9 avg).

Felt much better after two very easy days, so decided at the relatively last minute to try to get in a slightly more substantial speed session for this week. Ended up going back to an old progression I’ve done before to train for 10K – i.e. using ~10km of total work broken up into intervals of equal distance, starting with something shortish and working up over the course of a few weeks to longer reps, but keeping the total volume and rest constant (and the rest is quite short, 200m at a decent clip so, <60sec). I decided to try for 600m reps, so 16x600m with 200m jog. I was hoping these would be somewhere in the 1’45-48 range (29’00-30’00 for 10K), and ended up right in there with almost all of them right around 1’45.

Warmed up 5km and felt quite good. Weather was cooler in the 60s, light wind. Did this workout on the track at TCW HS, as I really wanted to hit some higher end pace today, even if it’s slightly less relevant than road work. Ran in hupanas

Did maybe 5-6 strides and 200m in about 34.

Ended up starting out at 70/1’45 and that pattern would continue. The first few reps definitely felt like they would take some getting used to. I.e., I felt pretty bad and wasn’t even sure I’d make it through 4. I tried to break it up into 4 sets of 4 and focused on really staying “in” each set. At first I said, just get through this set. And then, okay just get to half way and then maybe we’ll just stop there. But the fatigue really didn’t increase between the 2nd or 3rd rep and the last couple of reps. So, while it felt awful in those first few, it plateaued very quickly. So, I got to 8x, then said, okay 10x, that’s a nice round number, And by then I could really feel the end of that set and then the finish. No biggie.

The last 2-3 reps actually did feel quite a bit harder and you can see that is reflected in a rise in HR. (BTW this is avg HR for the segment, so the HR was really going up to mid-upper 180s during these reps and not going down too much during the 50sec rec, hence why the rec HR is sometimes higher than the rep HR, I think).

Anyway, the avg rep was 1’44.3 which is great – quicker than I’d imagined – but this felt very fast. It’s hard to imagine running 5K at this pace, let alone 10K right now, but I guess that’s the magic of training! We’ll see what happens in the next month and a half. Mostly, very pleased to have stuck through that early rough patch mentally and reminded myself how much more uncomfortable 10K workouts are from the get-go.

Cooled down about 3M and uber home. Total run 15M.

0.6 km (1’45.1) 172 0.6 km 1’45.1
0.2 km (0’49.9) 168 0.8 km 2’35.0
0.6 km (1’43.8) 171 1.4 km 4’18.8
0.2 km (0’52.8) 170 1.6 km 5’11.6
0.6 km (1’44.8) 174 2.2 km 6’56.4
0.2 km (0’51.2) 175 2.4 km 7’47.6
0.6 km (1’44.4) 174 3 km 9’32.0
0.2 km (0’51.8) 176 3.2 km 10’23.8
0.6 km (1’44.3) 175 3.8 km 12’08.1
0.2 km (0’50.6) 177 4 km 12’58.7
0.6 km (1’44.0) 174 4.6 km 14’42.7
0.2 km (0’50.1) 176 4.8 km 15’32.8
0.6 km (1’45.6) 175 5.4 km 17’18.4
0.2 km (0’49.5) 178 5.6 km 18’07.9
0.6 km (1’45.1) 177 6.2 km 19’53.0
0.2 km (0’54.5) 177 6.4 km 20’47.5
0.6 km (1’44.0) 176 7 km 22’31.5
0.2 km (0’50.7) 178 7.2 km 23’22.2
0.6 km (1’44.3) 176 7.8 km 25’06.5
0.2 km (0’50.2) 177 8 km 25’56.7
0.6 km (1’44.7) 174 8.6 km 27’41.4
0.2 km (0’49.6) 176 8.8 km 28’31.0
0.6 km (1’44.5) 175 9.4 km 30’15.5
0.2 km (0’52.3) 177 9.6 km 31’07.8
0.6 km (1’44.3) 177 10.2 km 32’52.1
0.2 km (0’54.7) 179 10.4 km 33’46.8
0.6 km (1’42.4) 179 11 km 35’29.2
0.2 km (0’53.6) 180 11.2 km 36’22.8
0.6 km (1’44.2) 179 11.8 km 38’07.0
0.2 km (0’51.2) 181 12 km 38’58.2
0.6 km (1’43.2) 180 12.6 km 40’41.4 (3’13.8)

4pm: Ran after getting home from massage from Terrel. Good post-workout session. Ran down to the turf and then barefoot for 4km in about 16’30 and then 6x strides barefoot. Felt okay once I warmed up. Total run 5M, 8km in 34’.

Sabado, 15 de Abril, 2017

9:30am: Easy run out/back on MVS. Finished at the turf fields and did 10x barefoot strides. Felt pretty good. Total run 8M++ in 55’.

XT: Back/hips (1x weight)

3:15pm: Ran to GSM. Felt very good this PM! Nice nap and very productive afternoon cleaning, talking to Greg, etc. Pretty good right out the door. Recovery is great right now. Running 4’00-20/km for the most part. Beautiful day. Good session with Terrel with mostly work on left achilles which was a bit tender. Jogged to metro after and then home. Total run 7M+ in 47’.

Domingo, 16 de Abril, 2017

Sparknotes: 41km in 2’20’23 w/ 5km easy + 6x 5km @ 16’56->15’42 (16’22 avg) w/ 1km mod b/w @ 3’44.4.

Solid long run today. Wanted to do this one which I usually do later in the specific phase but more as an early strength workout, so ran very progressive (as opposed to usually trying to hammer out a very specific MP).

Started out with 5km jog from 4’20->3’45 and then went into the workout (or I guess you could call it 7x5K if you count the first 19’45). First one felt very comfortable at 16’56. All of these were run on the same 5km loop, so splits are comparable.

Next 3 all felt pretty even at 16’34/16’24/16’23. This is probably pretty close to my current marathon ability, which makes sense at about 2h18-20.

The last two were quite tough, but accelerated well in both for 16’12/15’42. This lines up pretty well with the last run which also featured ~32’0x last 10km in 40km of running.

So, the total was 41km in 2’20’23. The avg 5K rep was 16’22 (2’18’08 pace) and the avg rec km was 3’44.4. Good running for this early in this (very short) season.

Will have some good tests of this over the next few weeks as I’m racing the next 3 weekends and 5 of the next 6!

Cooled down short home. Total run 28M.

Time Split HR
5 km 19’45.0 (19’45.0) 135
6 km 23’27.9 (3’42.9) 142
11 km 40’24.0 (16’56.1) 157
12 km 44’08.2 (3’44.2) 154
17 km 1’00’42.3 (16’34.1) 165
18 km 1’04’27.5 (3’45.2) 161
23 km 1’20’52.0 (16’24.5) 171
24 km 1’24’37.4 (3’45.4) 162
29 km 1’41’00.4 (16’23.0) 174
30 km 1’44’45.8 (3’45.4) 162
35 km 2’00’58.0 (16’12.2) 177
36 km 2’04’41.0 (3’43.0) 161
41 km 2’20’23.0 (15’42.0) 174

5pm: Easy shakeout to HT and back to get some snacks. Total run 2M, NT.

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