Tucson Elite Throws Classic

This past weekend I was able to make it out to the University of Arizona to compete in the Tucson Elite Throws Classic. This is the third time I’ve competed at this meet and the competition always holds true to its name. I love travelling to this meet because it gives me a chance to get away from New Jersey weather for a few days and get some solid training and competition. Sunshine, heat, and no humidity make for great conditions compared to the cold and damp Jersey spring.

My best mark this past weekend was 65.41m. While not a PR it is a season’s best, and a testament to how I’ve been working to get my training in despite training in less than optimal conditions. This mark places me on the US list pretty comfortably leading in to USA Nationals in Sacramento next month. Most importantly, this competition gave me great insight in what to focus on for the remainder of the regular season as I work to push that mark a little higher at small local competitions.

My goal is always to have fun when I travel to compete, but I like to sit back and reflect on what I’ve gained from these competitions. Lessons learned: Stop comparing. As an athlete it can be difficult to detach yourself from previous performances, whether they be positive or negative. For me I had to acknowledge and accept that I am working on different training goals this year and that I am not the same thrower I was last year. Moving forward the goal is to work on form, stay healthy, and as always, THROW FAR!

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