Trick or Treat: Happy Halloween 2016

Take a walk down memory lane with the finest, fittest athletes on the planet as they share their ideal Halloween partner in crime. For a treat, click on the Pumpkin_Icon_Button50 next to any athlete’s name to go their store for some great gear while supporting their journey!

Margaret ConnellyPumpkin_Icon_Button50

If I could go trick-or-treating with anyone at all, I would go with my parents when they were kids. All of us would be the same age, maybe 10 years old, and hit the neighborhood by storm: running to each door, lugging our pillow cases of candy behind us. By the end of the night, we’d compare, trade, and I’d end up with the chocolate peanut butter stuff, my dad with coconut, and my mom with dark chocolate, just as it is now.


Tyler AndrewsPumpkin_Icon_Button50

My family’s favorite part of halloween is the annual dressing up of Richard Parker – the cat. His first halloween he was Harry Potter and last year, he dressed up as his namesake Tiger. We’ll have to see what this year brings!

Tyler_Andrews2 Tyler_Andrews1

Olivia MicklePumpkin_Icon_Button50

In light of the 2016 election this November, here is a throwback to Halloween ’08 with three of my high school friends.  Here we are in the running for “Best Halloween Costume” as we are dressed up as the Republican Party (Todd Palin, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Cindy McCain).  Note: costume does not reflect political ideologies 😉

If I could go trick-or-treating with anyone, I would be thrilled to go with Ellen Degeneres!


Kaitlin GoodmanPumpkin_Icon_Button50


Heather KampfPumpkin_Icon_Button50

If I could Trick Or Treat with anyone, I’d pick my angel dog, Ricky! He was my first dog, we loved him like crazy and had to say good bye too soon. He made a very convincing raptor in his Halloween Costume, and being that he is so stinkin’ cute, he’d certainly get us lots of treats!

Heather_Kampf2 Heather_Kampf1

Reid BuchananPumpkin_Icon_Button50

I would like to go trick-or-treating with John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar, who founded the company along with Steve Jobs, and is responsible for Toy Story along with many other Pixar hits. Without him, one of my costumes and favorite animated films of all time would be nonexistent. I appreciate his work and everything that Pixar has done for the world of animation. It’d be cool to pick his brain on how he has been creating one master piece after another since the early 90s.

Reid_Buchanan1 Reid_Buchanan3

Kimber MattoxPumpkin_Icon_Button50

If I could trick-or-treat with anyone it would be in the present with my niece Peyton and her entourage of Uncle Casey, Aunt Jenna, and Mom. She is an incredibly fun, joyful, curious, smart little lady whose laughter is contagious! And it’s really fun to see the people who love her most make her light up with squeals of excitement!

Kimber_Mattox1 Kimber_Mattox2

Kibwé JohnsonPumpkin_Icon_Button50

If I could go trick or treating with anyone, I would go with Matthew McConaughey. Everyone loves that guy! Alright, alright, alright!


Kibwé and Crystal Johnson star in Baewatch

Sandi MorrisPumpkin_Icon_Button50

If I could go trick or treating with anyone it would be Steve Irwin/The Croc Hunter, so we could pop up in front of the doors and yell “Crikey, she’s a BIG ONE!” And snatch all of the candy and sprint away.

Here is a sneak peek into my costume this year…and one is of me enjoying a cup of tea in my practice makeup!

Sandi_Morris1 Sandi_Morris2

Esther AtkinsPumpkin_Icon_Button50

If I could go trick or treating with anyone, I’d probably go with my college teammates from our 2006 Case Western Reserve University XC Team because it’s been 10 years and over that time I’ve come to appreciate just how magical that team was.

This is a picture from when we decided to dress up for after the conference meet – like we did every year – but this time our planned outfit was to be “secret assassins” and then it turned out that we actually won the meet for what I believe was the first and only time in school history! It looked cocky, but we didn’t mean it that way! We had a blast. Because after all… maybe the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about (inside joke) 😉


Michael MannozziPumpkin_Icon_Button50

I would go Trick or Treating With Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula and a Race Walker of note.


Freshman year of Notre Dame College.


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