Training Log 1/24-1/30

Last long run in the books!

from Tyler Pennel Running

Week of Training January 24 – 30

Morning Afternoon Notes
Sunday 10 Treadmill
Monday 10 6 Core, Drills and Strides
Tuesday 12 Workout
Wednesday 10 8 Core
Thursday 13 Drills and Strides, Core
Friday 21 Long Run
Saturday 8 5 Core
Week Total 103

After ending last week with a small niggle, I was able to quickly get back into full training. Since it was my quad that was hurt, Pete wanted me to run on the treadmill on Sunday so that I could run uphill the whole time. While any running engages the quads, running uphill limits quad engagement and the glutes are used more.

After Sunday’s run, I was officially back to normal training, and had a workout on Tuesday. It was not a long marathon workout, but it was a good confidence booster to do it after this little set back. My workout was a simple 2:30 downcycle session, split into two sets of 5 and 4. At the Miccosukee Greenway there is about a 4 minute loop, so it worked perfect to run there.

5/4 2:30 downcycles, 90 sec float, 3 min between sets

Scheduled for Friday was the last Long Run and hard workout before the Trials. I always love a good long run (ask anyone on the team), and it is one of the reasons that I love marathon training. So I had specific instructions from Pete to keep this one in control, as this is the last big workout before the trials. At this point there is only so much I can do to get more fit, and it is more important to get to the line healthy and fresh.

5 miles warm up/easy, 4 miles down to 5:20’s, 4 miles at 5:05-5:00, Mile float;
6 x 1200m, 400m float, Mile cool down
Splits: 35:30, 21:30, 5:50, 20:08; 3:37, 3:37, 3:35, 3:34, 3:32, 3:32

With the last hard effort in the books, I am now just biding my time until the Trials. Basically the mantra for the next two weeks is, “stay healthy and refresh.” There is not much more I can do to increase my fitness. Most of the science shows it takes 10-14 days for any benefit from an aerobic workout to be seen. From here it is all downhill, lowering the miles, but not too much that I feel stale.

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