Things We Love: Run Gum

Have you tried Run Gum?

Launched in 2014 by elite 800 meter specialist and 7-time USA Champion Nick Symmonds with coach Sam Lampray, Run Gum is a functional gum designed to provide you with various performance benefits, including energy, mental focus, recovery, and “not leaving anything in your gut.” From their website,, you should chew it:

When you are waking up before the sun for that am workout. While doing sports or at play or at work. During your lecture or study session. For those long days on the road or getting ready to go out at night.

Run Gum is a product made for athletes, by athletes, and they have put their money where their mouth is, providing various levels of support to over 30 athletes. Here is what some of the finest, fittest athletes on the planet have to say about what they run on:

David Laney

Jordan Scott

Manteo Mitchell

Amanda Eccleston

Kyle Merber

Will Leer

Tim VanLiew

Ready for 2016 #runsquad #whatdoyouchew #rungum #roadtorio A photo posted by TVL (@t_vanliew) on

Comment below to tell us what flavor of Run Gum you run on!
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