The Comeback Crew

from Giving the Glory

This one goes out to all the injured runners out there. The patient and impatient, the frustrated and worn out, those who refuse to give up, the dreamers, believers, the achievers, and overcomers–the comeback crew.

It may have been days, weeks or months since we’ve run–but we’re not done.

We hold big goals in our heart, and this is just the start of another journey.

The road may be long, but if we hold on, they say this will make us stronger.

But in the back of our mind, though we say we’re fine, we keep asking how much longer.

We jump in the water, hop on the bike, the miles we ran are now miles we hike,

We try to stay fit, it helps us a bit, but no matter the heartbreak we know we can’t quit.

When we finally get back, out on the track, we’ll realize we have something others lack.

A fire inside, a choice we decide, a long standing goal that never died.

Though our flesh may fail, we will prevail, if we turn and ask for strength, 

We’ll make it through, if we pursue with patience through this length.

Through thick and through thin, we’ll  never give in, until we walk away with the win.

And until we break through, this is what we will do,

We won’t give up the fight,

We’re the Comeback Crew

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