The Art of Cait Chock

Cait Chock makes fantastic art. Once a professional runner, she captures athletes in just the way a former elite can. Cait shares a little about herself, her art, and how she follows her dreams.


I’m a runner, carb-a-holic, and artist who refuses to grow up. Working as an artist, my style hinges on long limbs, jagged joints, and exaggerated facial features. I give my characters a whimsical, light sense even when the theme or emotion may be darker. The juxtapose urging the viewer to look beyond their first reaction. My mediums of choice are pen, watercolor, and pencil.


Katie Mackey, in pen and watercolor


I’d say my spirit animal is some kind of cross between Disney and Tim Burton, heavy on the sarcasm but with enough whimsy to (hopefully) give light and inspiration to others in seeing my characters. Included in that is making people smile even if by way of sarcasm.


Prior to art, I ran professionally for Nike. In 2010 I was struck by a hit and run driver while out running. The accident was quite severe and I nearly lost my right leg below the knee. Luckily I survived but the doctors told me I would probably never walk normally again and running would be impossible.


I refused to believe that I would NEVER be able to run again, and credit the tenacity that made a runner for enabling me to fight to get better, back to the sport I have such great passion for. I also credit my wicked sense of sarcasm and humor…it helped me to stay positive, better to be laughing than crying. It took multiple surgeries and a long recovery but I am very proud to say I am able to run today, albeit slowly!


During my recovery I relied heavily on art and writing to pass the hours of being stuck surfing the sofa with my leg elevated. Today, I hope through my art and creative outlets I’m able to brighten other peoples’ lives.


Lauren Kleppin, in pen and watercolor


Whew, that about sums me up! I encourage everyone to follow their dreams, NEVER stop imagining what ‘could be’, eat breakfast for dinner often, and laugh even more frequently.


Thank you,



Cait sells prints and cards of her pieces in addition to creating custom commissioned work for individuals and businesses. All of which you can see on her website: and Instagram feed @caitchock, or by contacting her directly for more information. Recently, she published a collection of illustrated short stories, “And Then She Ate the Wolf” available on Amazon. She says, “It is a series born from an idea which came to me after finding it difficult to cram all I wanted to say about my artwork characters down to Instagram size. The tales to each truly bring to life the people behind those big eyes!”
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