Thank You President Obama

from Maria on Instagram

Thank you President Obama for your leadership and service to our country these last eight years. As I scientist I would especially like to thank you for appreciating and valuing the potential that lies in science. For not only believing in the scientific process but understanding its necessity and funding the scientists and institutes that conduct scientific research. Thank you for prioritizing STEM education and actively supporting STEM careers. Thank you for showing the next generation that science is worth pursuing because it is fascinating and should not be avoided early on because it is “scary”, “tough” or “challenging”. Thank you for helping to make science more accessible to the public. Thank you for supporting research towards precision medicine so that one day treatment options will no longer be a one size fits all but individualized to each patient. Thank you for acknowledging the rampant problem of antibiotic resistance and recognizing that all nations must unite together to tackle this serious problem. I hope the whole world takes care to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations. Thank you for realizing the importance and untapped potential of the microbiome. It is with great hope that knowledge gleaned from the studies funded through the Microbiome Initiative will one day allow us to harness the power of the microbiome to promote health and resist disease. Thank you for the myriad of other policies put in place to help STEM thrive in the USA. Thank you for everything else you and your presidency has done to better the USA and improve our world not just today but for future generations. Your foresight to implement policies that don’t just improve our immediate situation but ensure a better tomorrow have given many great optimism. It has truly been an honor to compete for Our Country, and all that it has represented under your administration, at the highest level of athletic competition at the Summer Olympic Games!

Forever grateful,

Maria Michta-Coffey
2x Olympian
Ph.D Biomedical Science
30 year proud American

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