Taking the Pledge for Clean Sport

The Clean Sport Collective was launched to raise awareness of doping issues in the sport by celebrating those “doing it the right way.” The Clean Sport Collective was created by Shanna and Kevin Burnette, who are also cofounders of ModCraft, an agency that promotes and represents athletes including two-time Olympian Kara Goucher.

Anybody can join the collective by signing one of nine pledges found on the organization’s website. They are encouraging companies, professional athletes, fans, running clubs, coaches, agents, and medical professionals to participate in promising to “always train clean, compete clean, and live clean.”

AthleteBiz is 100% in support of this initiative and below we celebrate our athletes who have made the pledge.

Esther Atkins

…and the proof is in the wake up call

Jeremy Taiwo

Katie Mackey

Joseph Gray

Maria Michta-Coffey

“No one can ever steal your pride, no one can ever erase the glory felt when you earned it. That glory, that pride, that rare moment of utter satisfaction, that is what I train for and that pure untainted high of all highs is why I train and compete clean. At the end of the day it’s always me against me, the clock is the referees and in the life long race I know this competitor will alway be clean!” ~Maria Michta Coffey Go to cleansport.org, sign your charter pledge, donate and stand with us in unity for Clean Sport. Then, show us your pledge and tag four people. Together, we are the collective change. #cleansportco #cleansport @cleansportco Your turn: @mirandasunrae @cuyamacaxc @runcamille @johnnunn78 And to my Canadian RWers @seamanrachel @inakigomezg @evandunfee @benjamin.thorne

A video posted by Maria Coffey (@michtacoffey) on

Phoebe Wright

Devon Yanko

Brooks Beasts

Neely Gracey

Traci Falbo

Nick Symmonds

Britney Henry

Gabe Grunewald

Ashley Higginson

. Train clean. Compete clean. Live clean. Always have – Always will. Stand with me A photo posted by Ashley Higginson (@ashleyhigz) on

Camille Herron

Rachel Schneider

Jamie Cheever

Amanda Eccleston

Anthony Solis

We’re all in too!

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