T-minus Three Weeks!

Kind of late in the game for a new blog, but I wasn’t very active on my “Road to Ocho +1” blog so I thought I’d give this a whirl. I really like the concept behind AthleteBiz and have been following a lot of friends’ ABiz blogs for the last couple of years. Many of them use the site as a platform to fundraise for causes they care about and that’s mainly why I’m here. As many of you know my family was hit hard last year with Number One Son, Cavan’s Kearns-Sayre Syndrome diagnosis in April of 2018. It’s a very rare, progressive mitochondrial disease that can affect most of the body’s organ systems. In Cavan’s case his hearing, eyesight, motor coordination and cognitive development. He’s relatively stable right now, but the progression isn’t always linear. We’re hoping to raise enough money to fund several research grants to hopefully find treatments and/or a cure for KSS and other mitochondrial diseases. We’re just shy of $190,000 since September, 2018, which is absolutely mind-blowing, but realistically it’s far from what we’ll need for a cure. Hopefully we can inspire others in the KSS community to fundraise as well and our combined efforts can put an end to this horrible disease. (There’s lots of info. on Cavan and KSS here.)

On the athletic front, it’s been a bit of a rough ride since my 50k qualifying race in late October. I felt like I was barely ready for that race having only “just” gotten in a couple of 35 and 40k workouts right before the race, just in time to make sure I was ready to go the distance, but I didn’t have time to work on a solid racing pace. I figured I would get a time on the board, qualify for my 9th (!) Olympic Trials, then I would have about 12 weeks of solid training to get really ready for a reasonably fast race at the Trials. The best laid plans… Undertrained in October, I lost the next five weeks to a high-hamstring/piriformis injury. Once I was able to train again, one of the kids after another got sick (= no childcare) and then of course I got sick, then Christmas, then etc., etc., etc. I finally got around to walking my first 20-miler at a decent pace earlier this week, but I’m afraid it’s little too little, a little too late, with the Olympic Trials only three weeks away now. Hopefully a solid 25k tomorrow and a race-pace 35- or 40k effort later in the week will give me enough mileage under my belt to survive in Santee (site of the Olympic Trials on January 25th.)

My life is a bit of a circus, but I’ll try to post here at least a few times per week leading up to the Trials. Stop by!

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