Summer Adventures Continue- Bird Camp 2015

from Olympian in Progress

What can I say, I had the wrong impression of what a Running Camp consisted of.

When I arrived at Sleepy Beauty Resort in Leavenworth, Washington with the rest of the “campers”, I felt a sense of relief. Walking through the woods, lounging in the cabins and spotty cell phone service put a smile on my face that made my cheeks burn.

The next few days was filled with amazing food (thrower approved), inspiring talks with fellow teammates and a few non-thrower approved activities;). So many memories were made that I will be replaying over and over with the same smile that was plastered on my face from the start.

The highlight for me during the retreat was putting faces and personalities to all the teammates that I chat with via Twitter and Instagram. It was not only amazing to meet you all and talking with you but hearing your stories of why you do what you do put a new light on what I do. Like many athletes we can get caught up in pursuing our goals, thriving off those around us but never really stopping to “smelling the roses”. Being able to stop and get to know so many amazing ladies filled my heart with the comfort of pursuit. My heart is ready to pursue and pounce on this coming year.

I can go on and on about what took place at the camp but I don’t want to bore you with words, Ill just let the pictures do the talking :).

~Sleeping Beauty Resort~
~Check-in with lots of goodies~
~Breakfast with a gorgeous view~
~Meet Haute Volee~
~Some call it yoga, I call it fancy stretching~
~Throwing some “shoes”~
~Couldn’t get enough of this view~
~Tubing with the Flock~


~Took all I had but made it to this lovely lake, Colchuck Lake~
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