Running Warehouse Partners with AthleteBiz, by Scott Bauhs

Running Warehouse is extremely proud to announce our partnership with AthleteBiz.

Forever ago, when I started running, dreams of shiny medals and climbing podiums fueled my sweat. Forever before that, Joe Rubio, the founder of Running Warehouse was chasing similar dreams of his own. Joe and I found success with our feet – fast PRs, wins, Olympic trials berths, and trips to faraway races – but the truest rewards are the ones that keep giving long after legs give out.

No matter what stage you find yourself in, this sport is full of wonderful people. The personalities that dazzle athletics around the world, have overcome adversity with an infectious optimism that can also empower away from the track. Beyond their obvious talents, they are often tremendously bright, brimming with confidence, yet delightfully humble. These lifelong friends make working in the sporting goods industry, which has more than its share of them among its ranks, a real treat.

The opportunity to support and cultivate more experiences for dreamers like us was an opportunity that Running Warehouse couldn’t pass up. AthleteBiz is a platform where athletes across the spectrum of Track and Field can build their personal brand, promote their sponsors, and create revenue with the talent and work ethic that is teeming inside of them. The connection between these athletes and their fans that AthleteBiz provides is something that hasn’t been seen anywhere in the world of sports. Running Warehouse is excited to be a part of it.

-Scott Bauhs

Marketing Manager,

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Scott Bauhs was dominant in a collegiate career at D2 Chico State before becoming the youngest American to complete both the four-minute mile and the 28-minute 10,000-meter run, and ran a half-marathon best of 1:01:30 at the 2012 Houston Marathon. Bauhs has since earned an MBA from San Diego State University and has worked with Running Warehouse since beginning as an intern in January 2014.

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