BizBuzz: Runners of the Year, Icy Miles, and Ben Rosario’s Coaching Wisdom

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News & Notes

 Jasmin Stowers penned a blog in which she discusses her fall at the 2017 London Diamond League event. “When I got up, the other girls were already next to me, telling me that I was repeating the same questions over and over again. I remember USATF medical staff said we needed to run some tests. That then concluded that I blacked out and had a concussion.” Read the full post, The Fall, on Spikes

Photo: Getty Images

 Joseph Gray Camille Herron,  Caroline Boller, and  Pam Smith were among the 2017 honorees for Mountain, Ultra, Trail runners of the year. See the full list of awardees, USATF’s Mountain, Ultra & Trail Running Council announces 2017 runners of the year, on American Trail Running Association

 Brandon Hudgins shares valuable tips on how to get the most from your warm-up. “Well, the body has been sedentary and isn’t properly prepared to exercise. You might have known it was time to exercise, but your body didn’t. A proper warm-up prepares the body for the task at hand.” Read the full feature, A Proper Warmup, on Cocoa Elite

As if our sport was not hard enough,  Paul Robinson, an elite miler from Ireland with a 1500m time of 3:35, decided to take it up a notch by running an Antarctic continental record in the mile. “It was November 25 on Union Glacier in Antarctica, and the 26-year-old was dashing through the snow on his way to the fastest mile ever run on the frozen continent: 4:17.9.” Read the full report, A Hot Pace in a Cold Place: Man Runs Fastest Mile in Antarctica, on Runner’s World

Photo: Antarctic Ice Marathon

 Jared Ward teamed up with the Olympic Channel for a video feature on his dual life as a world-class marathoner and BYU Statistics professor. “American runner Jared Ward has made two worlds collide with his statistical brain and passion for teaching helping fulfill his Olympic goals.” Watch the 8-minute video feature, How One Olympic Marathoner and Math Professor Uses Stats to Excel, on the Olympic Channel

 Ben Rosario and Carrie Tollefson connect for the latest C Tolle Run podcast. “Ben discusses the early days of starting NAZ Elite and shares the latest news about his athletes. He also offers advice for beginning runners, and he emphasizes the importance of getting involved in a running group to stay motivated.” Listen to the full conversation, Ben Rosario: Train Hard, Race Fearlessly, on C Tolle Run

In “Well…I Mean…Obviously” News

 Jerry Schmacher is named USATF Nike Coach of the Year. “Schumacher’s Bowerman Track Club athletes highlighted one of the strongest years for American distance athletes in modern history.” Read the full article, Schumacher named USATF Nike Coach of the Year, on RunnerSpace


 USATF wins the Tweet of the Turkey Day award. With a little assistance from Jenny Simpson, Jarrion Lawson, and Sam Kendricks

 Jamie Cheever has learned that she has Celiac. “Sad to give up cream cheese wontons, happy to have an answer to why I couldn’t run. Turns out your body needs nutrients.” from Jamie on Twitter

 Lauren Johnson adopted a new member into her family

 Amy Cole and triathlete spouse Jesse Vondracek announced a ‘new event’ being added to their schedule.

 Kaitlin Goodman is counting down the days until the California International Marathon, 2017 which is also the USA Marathon Championship. In the 3rd installment of her video series leading up to the event, Kaitlin discusses how she fuels to be ready for a successful marathon.

A Warm Welcome

 Alex Young and  Karnell Vickers are the latest athletes to join AthleteBiz! Alex is the 2017 USA Hammer and Weight Throw Champion and Karnell earned six gold medals in the M50 division at the 2017 USA Championships.

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