The Road to the California International Marathon

Kaitlin Gregg Goodman has run two marathons – the California International Marathon (CIM) in 2014 and the Olympic Trials Marathon in 2016. She walked away from the Trials heartbroken, devastated, and physically and mentally exhausted from the 26.2 mile death march through the hellishly warm streets of Los Angeles. Neither race went exactly according to plan – which in the marathon is about the only thing you can count on. While she’s stayed away from the distance lately, choosing to focus on the track instead, it’s finally time to return to the marathon.

Here, she shares her road back to 26.2 with her sponsors rabbit and Strava Track Club, providing an inside look at her training — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the joyful. She’ll toe the line Sunday, December 3 at CIM/the USA Marathon Championships in Sacramento, CA.


Episode 1: The First Test


Episode 2: The Road to CIM


Episode 3: Fuel for Fast


Episode 4: Ready to Race


All videos were filmed and produced Kaitlin’s sister, Kallie Gregg

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