The Road Ahead: My Kidney Transplant

After earning his place in the Skeleton for the 2018 Winter Olympics on The Next Olympic Hopeful, Quentin Butler learned that he had kidney failure. Now undergoing treatment, please consider being part of Quentin’s support team to get him back on his feet and doing what he loves. Click Here to Support Quentin’s Kidney Transplant Fund

Since my kidney failure diagnosis, I have dialed everything down in my life. I am used to always running and being active, so this has somewhat had a mental impact on me. But this has also allowed me to slow down in life and take up hobbies I had stopped doing, such as playing chess and reading more.

I am currently going through iron shot treatments every two weeks and my body is responding positively. This has allowed me to get back on the transplant list, and am currently on track to get the transplant done by February. Due to how the insurance is set up, I need to find a donor and have the surgery within a two month time frame. I am grateful to have 8 willing donors, so the process should go smoothly.

The outpouring of support I have received since my diagnosis has been tremendous. I truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to send a positive message, comment with words of strength, been a listening ear, and given to my fundraising campaign. With each of you in my corner, I am confident in getting back better than ever!

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